Laurel Bianchi™ Skin Rejuvenation Device

Laurel Bianchi™ Skin Rejuvenation Device

Laurel Bianchi™ Skin Rejuvenation Device

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Treat all your skin problems with a single tool!


If you’re looking for an easy solution to all your skincare needs then our 5 in 1 Skin Rejuvenation Device is just what you need to restore color, smoothness, and health back to your skin.




5 LED Light Facial Skin Rejuvenation Device


Key Benefits

  • Multi-colored LED light tool that serves multiple purposes for your skincare needs
  • Promotes healthier, more radiant, and cleaner skin
  • Perfect at-home treatment that saves you a trip to the dermatologist
  • Adds color, reduces blemishes, closes pores, and revitalizes your skin
  • About 10 minutes of treatment daily will suffice


This skin rejuvenation device emits different color LED lights that each serves a specific purpose such as skin moisturizing, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, facial cleanse, dead skin removal, and wrinkle remover so you never have to buy another facial cleaning product again.


colors of 5 in 1 rejuvenation kit

Read the benefits of each colored light:


Blue Light: Strong blue light helps destroy and break apart bacteria on your face while drastically improving blood circulation so your face stays clear of breakouts 24/7.


Green Light: The go-to treatment for those fighting aging skin. Green Light therapy helps reduce dark spots, freckles, and wrinkles while evenly smoothing out the tone of your complexion.


Red Light: Red Light therapy strengthens your skin by enforcing quality collagen production so your complexion feels tighter and less loose!


Yellow Light: The Yellow Light therapy option helps restore the sensitivity back to your skin so it’s not as rough, dry, or easily irritated to the point of breaking out with redness and inflammation.


Pink Light: Restores the color back to your skin with a brighter shine and zero blemishes to show. Your skin will experience the ability to take in more moisture while leaving it oil-free.


With all these amazing therapeutic benefits from the 5 different LED colored lights, this skin rejuvenation tool really is a dream come true!


Now you don’t have to pay a pricey visit to see your dermatologist because this skincare tool helps you fix any blemish, irregularity, or skin aging sign without ever having to leave your home.


before and after using 5 in 1 skin rejuvenation kit


Stimulate collagen growth to boost your skin’s defenses against free radicals while improving the rate at which skin cells regenerate for perfectly healthy skin.

This tool does everything imaginable to keep your complexion looking completely flawless, blemish-free, and radiant throughout the year!





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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews Write a review


My order arrived intact. seller was in communication with me all the way. seller sent me a message to go pick up the device before my local post did ☺.. Arrived fully charged. it's a beauty device even to the hand. I love it. can't wait to try it out

Anna Bremer, Munich/ Germany

Very grateful to the seller for the excellent packaging and delivery by courier home, feel the care of the customers. everything works, great. I recommend the seller, I was looking for a long time to buy and was not mistaken. many thanks to the seller, there would be all such honest sellers and prosperity of his business

Clair Wilson, New York/ United States

Super! it really works! you just do not be lazy to do the procedure every day! I noticed the second time-the depth of wrinkles on the forehead decreased significantly (I 49) after the procedure it's nice to look at myself in the mirror))girls buy do not doubt! delivery with box, super reliable, brought the courier to the door! thank you again to the seller, prosperity to you friend!!!

Dilara, Berlin/ Germany

The package arrive in very good condition. It's working properly. I already tried it and I'm very pleased with the product. First, you need to charge the machine for 3 hours before using and surprisingly, you can use it plenty of times before recharging it. Also, the seller is very nice, accommodating and they will update you on your order. I definitely love the machine!!

Annabel, Washington/ United States
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